RFG REPRESENTACIONES S.A.S. is committed to complying with Law 679 / August 3, 2001, added to by Law 1336/2009 and Law 1329 / July 17 about the prevention of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse against children and adolescents, and it opposes any kind of discrimination due to gender, creed, race, sexual inclination, ideology, age, origin, disability, etc., and condemns all its expressions. It is also against child labor. Our agency works under inclusive criteria of equality and respect.

Taking this into account, and as part of our process of certification in the Colombian sectoral technical standard NTS TS-003, all our employees participated in the certification course against commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

All travel agencies can visit this link to take the course and learn about the National Strategy for Prevention of CSEC in the context of travel and tourism: http://escnna.mincit.gov.co


This is a movement created in São Paulo, Brazil, which works to generate visibility for recyclers, promote their self-esteem and raise society’s awareness of the important work that they carry out.

Pimp My Carroza was held for the first time in Medellin on September 4. This group activity aims to make visible, dignify and acknowledge the city’s recyclers by painting and decorating their carts (manual carts, which they push and pull themselves) with humor, awareness and street art.

With the support of the Medellín City Hall, volunteers from the city, artists and graffiti artists helped 80 recyclers and their families to improve their carts and to spend a day full of joy, demonstrating that we really believe in the importance of their work. RFG participated with the Medellín team as volunteers and donated two flight tickets to the organizers.

It was held in Bogotá on November 6, where we all participated as volunteers and made a contribution with the purchase of T-shirts and caps for all the employees.


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the National Tourism Fund (FONTUR its acronym in Spanish) launched the #OJOSENTODASPARTES campaign, which aims to be the connection that invites all economic sectors and civil society to be alert to situations that put children and adolescents at risk. This is particularly in the context of tourism activities, which aim to be characterized by the responsibility and ethics of their participants, under the conviction that tourism is an instrument to build peace and foster harmonious coexistence.

See the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK-EDnS5Z2Y

To contribute to and participate in campaigns of protection and prevention of sexual exploitation and the sex trade with minors, please visit this link by selecting the option: Join #ojosentodaspartes and upload a photo of your eyes.