RFG Representaciones S.A.S is committed to the implementation of an integrated management system that will allow us to protect and ensure the safety of our customers, employees and suppliers while remaining compliant with current laws and regulations and with Standard NTS-TS003, on Sustainability and Environmental, Sociocultural and Economic Protection, and Decree 1705, on Occupational Safety and Health.

 RFG Representaciones encourages its employees to participate in the achievement of our company-wide objectives and goals.

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Implementation of an integrated management system

Keep our online customers informed of the activities forming part of our integrated management system.


Inform 80% of our customers


# of online customers informed / # of customers per year *100

Keep potential customers informed of the activities forming part of our integrated management system


Inform 90% of our employees

# of employees informed / # of employees hired as of the measurement date *100


Compliance by RFG Representaciones with applicable law.


Identify applicable laws and regulations.



Standard NTS-003 and Decree 1705 implemented by 100%.


# Legal requirements met / # Total legal requirements identified in the legal requirement matrix *100



Compliance with Sector Standard NTS TS 003 and Decree 1705



Identify current tourism, environmental, cultural, economic and labor laws and regulations applicable to our company.



Standard NTS-003 and Decree 1705 implemented by 100%.


# Requirements of Standard NTS TS 003 and Decree 1705 / # Total requirements of Standard NTS TS 003 and Decree 1705 identified in the legal requirement matrix *100

Achievement of the goals of the programs in our integrated system.


Guarantee sustainable tourism


Achieve 80% of the goals

# of goals achieved / # total goals *100

RFG Representaciones S.A.S. identified the activities and services within its operation that could have an impact on the department’s environmental, socio-cultural and economic components. The prioritization of said aspects was established using the aspect and impact chart (MT-02), taking into account the number of impacts grouped in each level of significance.

As a result of this assessment, the agency established the actions needed to mitigate and control said impacts through:

– Efficient Energy Use and Savings Program – Efficient Water Use and Savings Program – Comprehensive Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Program – Natural Heritage Program – Cultural Heritage Program – Training and Information Program


  • Prevent the waste of water and energy during our activities.
  • Protect our country’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • Reduce and adequately dispose of the solid waste generated by our activities.
  • Avoid handling or removing flora and fauna from the sites we visit.
  • Support the purchase of products and services offered by local communities.
  • Support the local workforce in our procurement processes.
  • Keep staff trained on sustainability and other topics of interest.
  • Promote principles of respect and protection of the environment among the agency’s staff and its clients.

Learn about and help us to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Colombia and our main destinations at these links:


Learn about and support our country’s handicrafts:




Code of Conduct

With the aim to counteract child or adolescent sexual exploitation, pornography and sex tourism, in compliance with Law 679 / August 3, 2001, Resolution 0119/2002 added to by Law 1336/2009 and Law 1329 / July 17, 2009,
“In development of the provisions of Article 12 of Law 679/2001, the travel agency warns travelers that sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents in the country is punished with up to 35 years in prison pursuant to current laws.” In addition, we undertake to comply with the following legal obligations:

  1. Abstain from expressly or surreptitiously offering sexual exploitation of minors in tourism plans.
  2. Adopt measures to prevent the employees of RFG REPRESENTACIONES S.A.S., its subsidiaries or intermediaries from offering tourism services that include sexual contact with minors.
  3. Protect national or foreign minors from any form of sexual exploitation or violence originating from national or foreign tourists.
  4. Incorporate information about the legal consequences of child and adolescent sexual exploitation, pornography and sex tourism in our advertising.
  5. Abstain from giving information to tourists directly or through our employees about places where sex services with minors are coordinated or provided.
  6. Abstain from driving tourists to establishments or places where there is prostitution of minors.
  7. Abstain from driving minors directly or by employees to places where tourists are staying for prostitution of minors, even when they are places located offshore.
  8. Abstain from renting or using vehicles on tours for the purposes of prostitution or sexual abuse of minors.
  9. Prevent the entry of minors to hotels or places of accommodation and hospitality, and other tourist establishments for the purposes of prostitution or sexual abuse of minors.
  10. Report incidents regarding sexual exploitation of minors to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF its acronym in Spanish) and other relevant organizations.

In addition, we undertake to implement the respective oversight mechanisms, for which we have adopted suitable and sufficient control measures designed to prevent the operations of RFG REPRESENTACIONES S.A.S. from being used for child and adolescent sexual exploitation, pornography and sex tourism. Furthermore, we have designed specific procedures, which consider adequate preventive and corrective measures in response to breach of this code of conduct, and the Company’s CEO, ADRIANA GALAN VERGARA, has been appointed to ensure adequate compliance with the code. Any person who commits pornographic exploitation or sex tourism with children and adolescents shall be punished with imprisonment and monetary and administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities.

Code of Ethics

Integrity is the most important value for our company. We constantly strive to comply with this code through work based on solid principles, respect and good conduct.

Complying with our Code of Ethics allows us to act in a manner consistent with our corporate values and to have the satisfaction of knowing that we are working faithfully, honestly and comprehensively in both our professional and personal lives.

Our Clients

Our main commitment is to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. They are at the heart of our company and that is why we are committed to providing high-quality experiences and an excellent customer service.

We offer tourism services in compliance with the highest international standards. We strive to give our clients all the necessary information so we can successfully carry out our work, ensuring the highest quality experience. Our clients are our main partners, due to which we strive to develop long-term relations that will allow us to have loyal and happy clients.

We constantly work to improve customer service and we aim to extend our portfolio to meet other needs related to tourism. We act responsibly and respectfully toward clients. We do not permit any corrupt action or activity that affects our clients and goes against their integrity or that of our company.

Our Employees

Our employees are our most treasured resource, as we can only offer an excellent quality service thanks to them.
We have respectful employees, who are excellent professionals and always willing to give their best for the good of the company.
Teamwork and collaboration between people is essential for our company. Therefore, we offer a place that allows them to comfortably and effectively carry out their work.

Occupational health is important to us, and we constantly review the wellbeing of our employees and apply any improvements needed; integrity and respect for people are essential for our company.

Our employees are our greatest partners, so we believe in forming close and long-lasting relationships.
We strive for the progress of our employees and their personal as well as professional development, providing them with options for growth and improvement.
We respect and value individuality. We neither accept nor permit any kind of discrimination, whether due to gender, race, religion, age, socioeconomic level, sexual preference or any other aspect that could generate rejection.
We neither accept nor encourage any kind of harassment or favoritism. All our employees are treated equally to foster a healthy work environment.
We maintain constant communication with our employees to ensure they complete their tasks and projects based on the quality of their work.
We establish clear processes that help our employees’ complete their tasks.

The confidentiality and security of our information is a key point in our code. All our employees know the importance of respect, privacy and not disclosing the company’s confidential information.
We share a common purpose with our employees, and we fight for the same goal efficiently and effectively.
Integrity is the most important thing in any situation. At our company, we do not accept acts of corruption or actions that compromise the integrity of our employees or the company. We reject any illegal or criminal activity.

Our Partners

We strive to carry out transparent and clear work to give value to our shareholders. We work with the commitment to offer our partners the expected results and an adequate return on their investment.
Our processes and values allow us to make reasonable and coherent decisions for the wellbeing of the company as well as its partners. This is reflected in clear accounting records regulated by the current applicable laws and standards.

Our Suppliers

We are highly committed to selecting the best suppliers. We seek partners who comply with all applicable regulations and offer high-quality services.
We look for long-lasting suppliers with which we can work as a team and have a relationship of trust for the common good.
We share the importance of legality and transparency in processes with our suppliers. Therefore, we establish clear agreements that allow us to expect results and we make the applicable payments on time.

Our Competition

At RFG Representaciones, we are committed to providing our services with integrity work to compete fairly on price, service and quality, respecting all our competitors.
We convey these values through clear and honest advertising.


We are up-to-date and comply with the laws of our country and the laws of countries where we provide our services.
In addition, we respect and try to understand the customs and habits of the countries where we operate, provided that such customs and habits do not break the law.


We carry out practices to support the countries that need it. Society is essential for our company. It is our raison d’etre, so we adapt to and respect it.
Our employees are part of society. We ensure they are well prepared, and we are committed to their training as well as their personal and professional growth.
We know that we have an impact on society through advertising, so we ensure that it is clear and correct.
Among our employees, we raise awareness of the importance of the environment. We are committed to protecting energy, water and the importance of recycling and waste management.


The key to productivity lies in efficient use of resources, preventing waste and carrying out maintenance for the adequate operation of equipment to maximize its capacity and useful life.
Our offices comply with the necessary safety standards that facilitate our employees’ work.
Breaches of the Code of Ethics

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is mandatory.

Partners and managers of RFG Representaciones will set an example of observing it and will be responsible for raising employees’ awareness of the code.
In addition, relevant disciplinary measures will be adopted in response to breaches of this code.
The code shall be reviewed every six months and the necessary updates will be made.
This code came into effect in January 2016.